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EZSign - Simple Electronic Signature Capture

EZSign enables users to quickly and easily capture e-signatures right on their phone with the Salesforce® Mobile app, on a tablet with the Salesforce® desktop application, or remotely via email. The app is ideal for users wishing to get customer signatures for quotes, invoices, work orders, legal paperwork, or any document that requires sign-off. All signatures may be entered using a finger/stylus or by typing into a text box and are automatically time-stamped for reporting.

The EZSign component can be embedded into any Visualforce page wherever an e-signature is required. EZSign also works with all standard and custom objects in Salesforce® so you can have it appear wherever you want without doing a lot of configuration.

Once a signature has been captured, it's then automatically saved as a .PNG image attachment to the record so it can be included in email templates or imported into other documents like Word or PDF files.

Unlike other e-signature apps, EZSign eliminates the headache of sending, tracking, and managing your documents with a single line of code in a Visualforce Page:

                                <apex:page standardController="Contact" >

                                <EZSign:getSignature />

Signature Example

Create as many signatures as you wish per record (e.g., Signer & Co-signer) and have EZSign automatically generate a PDF of the signed document so it can be printed or emailed to your customer.

EZSign supports all major languages and is compatible with all editions of Salesforce® and the Salesforce® Mobile app with no third-party licensing required.


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Initial 10-day free trial period included. No charge incurred for sandbox installations. Half-off advertised pricing for all non-profit organizations.

# of Users $ USD per User per Month
1-9 $10
10-24 $9
25+ Contact Us

NOTE: Only users needing to capture signatures, either directly within Salesforce® or remotely via email, need to have an EZSign license. Once a signature has been captured, it can be viewed by other Salesforce® users that do not have a license. Also, an additional license will need to be purchased if you intend to capture signatures remotely via email.


Select from the following items to learn more about EZSign and how to customize it to suit your needs:

Component Attributes

The following attributes can be used to customize the look-and-feel of the EZSign component:

Attribute Type Description Default Value
W Integer Signature Box Width (in pixels) 400
H Integer Signature Box Height (in pixels) 90
createExternalImage Boolean If TRUE, the signature is stored as an externally available image to be used in email templates. If FALSE, the signature will be available only to your internal Salesforce® users. FALSE
returnToRecord Boolean If TRUE, the user is redirected to the record. If FALSE, the page will simply refresh and display the submitted signature. TRUE
defaultAction String Default Action typeIt, drawIt
typeOnly Boolean Type It Only FALSE
drawOnly Boolean Draw It Only FALSE
bgColour String Background Color white
penColour String Pen Color #145394 (Blue)
penWidth2 String Pen Width (in pixels) 3
lineColour String Signature Line Color #ccc (Gray)
lineWidth Integer Signature Line Width (in pixels) 2
lineMargin2 Integer Signature Line Margin (in pixels) 0
lineTop Integer Signature Line Top (in pixels) 78
saveLine Boolean If TRUE the signature line will be saved along with the stored signature. If FALSE, the stored signature will be saved without the signature line. FALSE
multipleSignatures Boolean Determines if multiple signatures are to be stored for each record. If TRUE, the signature input form will always be displayed. FALSE
requireName Boolean Require that the "Name" field be entered TRUE
requireDraw Boolean Require that a drawn signature be entered FALSE
displaySigInfo Boolean Display name and date below captured signature image TRUE
displayDeviceInfo Boolean Display IP address, operating system, and browser info of the signer below captured signature image FALSE
displaySignature Key Boolean Display the encrypted Signature Key when capturing singnatures remotely via email FALSE
onClickFunction String The name of the JavaScript function to run after the Submit button is pressed but BEFORE the signature has been captured. Useful for field validation before a signautre has been captured.  
saveFunction String The name of the JavaScript function to run after the Submit button is pressed and AFTER the signature has been captured. Useful for redirection after a signautre has been captured.  
redirectURL String The URL to redirect to after a signature is submitted for both Mobile and Desktop use. Can contain Salesforce® variables.  
createPDFAttachment Boolean If TRUE, the entire Visualforce page containing EZSign will added to the record as a PDF attachment. Does not work with Remote Signature Capture and Sites, however. FALSE
sigName String The name of the signature being captured and stored. Used when multiple signatures are being captured.  
placeholderText String Placeholder text in an empty signature box (e.g., Sign Here).